Auto Body Repair – Collision Repair

Body Work

The term “body work” refers to the repair or replacement of sheet metal and minor structural items. The decision to repair or replace is based on our expertise to return your vehicle to the condition it was in before the accident.  At Artistic Auto Body, we will always give you the best advice for restoring your vehicle.

The best method is not always to replace parts, as this sometimes causes more unnecessary damage than if a panel is repaired. These decisions are based on our commitment to you and the integrity of your vehicle.

Qualified Structural & Sheetmetal Repairs

Artistic Auto Body is equipped with all the best tools in the Collision Repair Industry, and the technicians who know how to use them.

We’ve got everything for Unibody & Full Frame vehicle repairs including Unibody alignment benches, digital measuring systems, a Chief 4-Tower truck rack & Continetal 3-D measuring system.

Our certified welders use the best process for your vehicle: MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) or our favorite, Compression-Resistance spot welders – beautiful, just like the factory!

Unibody Repair

damagedYour vehicle’s unibody or frame is the most important part of the entire vehicle. Any damage to the frame or unibody that is not properly repaired can affect everything on your vehicle from safety, to air-bag operation, to the proper fit of exterior panels.

We use a Continental drive on rack, our Car-O-Liner dedicated frame bench and 3-dimensional measuring systems to restore your vehicle to factory specifications and maintain the safety and integrity of your vehicle. And did we mention we offer a Life Time Warranty?


Trained professionals using the right tools and quality materials for the job.