Auto Maintenance and Inspection

Mechanical Repairs

Today’s cars are more high-tech and complex. At Artistic we have full-time mechanical technicians that handle any types of repair including:

• Suspension repairs,
• ABS (Antilock Brake System) & Air-Bag systems,
• Radiators,
• Fuel injection systems,
• Steering racks
• Tires
• Brakes

Car Electronics and Technology

Today’s vehicles have computers on just about everything. Artistic Auto has all the equipment needed to read, scan, diagnose, repair, or reset the codes on all systems including, but not limited to: ABS (Antilock Brake System), SIR (Supplemental Inflatable Restraint), BCM (Body Control Module), SES (Service Engine Soon), HID (High Intensity Discharge), LED (Light Emitting Diode), and of course, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System). 

We keep current data on all American Domestic vehicles as well as all European & Asian manufacturers.

 Artistic can do it all.  We also do Pennsylvania Safety Inspections & Emissions Tests on-site.