Experts in Insurance and Collision Repair

Bodyshops need to serve not only the vehicle owner, but also work with the insurance company. Each needing to be served individually, yet working towards the same goals. Artistic is a full service facilitator helping you with every stage of the repair and claim process.

Straight Talk About Your Rights Under Pennsylvania State Law

This is your vehicle and no insurance company or independent adjustment company can tell you where to fix your car! It’s your car, whether leased or owned, and should be repaired at a shop of YOUR choice. Sometimes your insurance company will suggest a shop, or list shops that they have “direct-repair” relationships with. This is only a suggestion, and the ultimate choice is yours, and only yours.

Remember this is your car, and you have to live with the repair and the repair shop’s quality. Pick a shop based on their reputation, their warranty and customer service. Here at Artistic, we offer a Life Time Warranty and have been repairing customers cars in Delaware County for over 24 years.


Experience Negotiating Insurance Claims

Working with and for the customer, insurance company and the agents. We have gained many major insurance contracts and can simplify the process of having a vehicle repaired following an accident or a comprehensive claim.

Both George, and Nick have over 30 years experience in the Auto Repair industry. They’ve worked in both Dealerships and Independent Bodyshops. They’ve also both worked at major Insurance Companies as Master Claims Rep & Senior Damage Analyst. That much experience means that you’re in good hands at Artistic Autobody because we’re on your side, like a good neighbor.

Our First Choice Is Always To Use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

Our first choice is always to use the OEM parts your car was made with when your insurance policy allows, because OEM parts preserve the value and integrity of your vehicle.  You should be aware that not all policies allow us to use OEM parts.  Some companies allow this and others require that you carry extra coverage.

If you have questions or need to know what your Insurance Company allows – call us and we can explain.

Administrative Excellence

The friendly and knowledgeable Administrative staff at Artistic will handle your claim from start to finish. From towing, to repairs, to payments …George, Nick, and Cissy are there to help!

 Where you take your vehicle for repairs is your choice. Pick the best, pick Artistic for the Best Quality Repair at a Fair Price.