Auto Body Painting

A new paint job can restore your car’s original beauty and goes a long way towards restoring your vehicle’ appearance after a collision.  To achieve a high quality look, the paint department must be expert at matching the vehicle’s original color and needs to use quality paint and the best tools.   

Expert Color Matching    

Painting Several Bumpers

Our autobody paint department offers a state-of-the-art computerized paint mixing system, downdraft spray booth with baking oven, and expert color matching! We’ve partnered with Finishmaster and Dupont to spray their high-quality Spies-Hecker paints and coatings. With over 125 years of experience, Spies Hecker is regarded as a benchmark in vehicle refinishing.



Spray Booth

PaintingCleanRoomBecause most of today’s paints and finishes require special conditions, painting applications must be performed in a controlled environment. The filtered and controlled air currents circulating in a downdraft spray booth prevent overspray and keep dust out of the finish.

The heated ‘bake cycle’ in our booth cures the paint correctly and helps minimize the down-time before re-assembly can begin. This technique ensures a smooth, uniform, durable finish backed by an excellent Dupont warranty.


We are trained professionals who use the right tools and quality materials for your car.