Towing and Rental Cars

When you are involved in an auto accident, you face the challenge of moving your car from an accident scene and finding a transportation alternative because you have lost use of your car until repairs are completed. Artistic AutoBody helps make this as “painless” as possible by offering towing and car rental services.


TowTruckIf your car cannot be driven from the accident scene and if you need a tow, we offer timely towing services within Delaware County. Let us take this worry off your shoulders, call us now at 610-237-0833.



Rental Cars

Artistic Auto Body saves you time and effort in trying to look for a rental car. We can provide you with rental car options before your appointment or get you into a replacement rental as soon as you drop off your car for repairs. We’ll work with your Insurance Company to see that the Rental Car charges are billed directly to the Insurance Company, if possible. If you don’t have Rental Coverage then we’ll see that you get the best rate possible, just like the Insurance Companies get.

Convenience, Direct Billing to Insurance and the Best Rates possible!